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Podcast: Metaverse & The Future of Design Industry with Tom Puukko

Is the metaverse a game-changer for the interior design and architecture industries? It's the largest and fastest real estate development the world has ever seen - but this time it's virtual.

If you're an architect or interior designer, it's time to start to understand the metaverse: it will create new business models, new design forms and demand new skills.

And we’re delighted that Feathr and Metaverse Interior Design founder, Tom, was invited onto the awesome Wingnut Social podcast to discuss this topic in more depth.

Tom joins Darla from Wingnut Social in a conversation around what the metaverse is, how it’s going to change the interior design and architecture industries and why you should dive into this new space right now. Thanks to the team at Wingnut for the invite! Listen to the podcast here:

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