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Is the metaverse a game-changer for architects and interior designers?

Should architects and interior designers be involved in the largest and fastest real estate development the world has ever seen? If you think so, then you need to be involved in the metaverse.

Superdwell founder Tom shares his thoughts on this game-changing technology development over at Metaverse Game Changers.

Excerpt: Of all the non-technology professions, architecture and interior design has the biggest opportunity in the metaverse. No other group of people are better placed to help design the real estate within virtual worlds. Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, it’s likely that it will breakthrough into mainstream usage within the next ten years (a similar timeline to internet and mobile phone mainstream adoption and impact). If you’re aiming to build or maintain success in the interior and architecture world within that timeframe, now is the time to start experimenting and learning. In this article, I’ll discuss how the development of metaverse is going to impact interior design and architecture – and the incredible opportunities it opens up.

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