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Interior design in the metaverse

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

It's always been difficult to design for virtual reality (VR), but this is because VR is a new medium. Designing in VR has specific challenges that don't exist in 2D or even 3D. Designers will always have to learn how to create experiences that work in this new medium, but there are some things we can do now that might make it easier for designers who want to build immersive environments for their users.

Creating experiences for a new medium takes time, testing and iteration.

Designing for the metaverse is a different challenge than designing for the internet. Designers need to learn new skills and think about design in a 3D space instead of on a flat screen. They also have to learn how to create experiences for a whole new medium, with all its limitations and possibilities. This takes time, testing and iteration.

Design faster using 3D assets

One of the best ways to speed up the design process is by using 3D assets. 3D assets can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To create multiple variations of a room

  • To show more detail

  • To show more depth and context

Design with more depth

Designing in the metaverse is a unique challenge, because you don't have the same control over space that you would in a 2D world. So how do you create depth and make your designs look real? Here's how!

The first thing to consider is lighting. When designing your rooms, think about how light will interact with them. How will it bounce off of reflective surfaces? What materials are used for floors and ceilings? You can use 3D assets to create depth by adding shadows or softening bright spots of light within a room. This will give an illusion of distance between objects, which makes them feel more realistic than if they were flat on top of each other without any separation like in traditional video games.

Visual design is more important than ever

As you may have noticed, the metaverse is a different place from our everyday world. It’s a digital space where we can interact with each other and have new experiences. In order to make the most of it, designers need to think about their work differently.

How does this affect your design? Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Colours are more important than ever. You should be careful with colour contrast and make sure that people can see what they need to see in their environments clearly. This means thinking about things like lighting and shading as well as colour schemes when you’re designing objects or spaces for people to use every day—not just on special occasions!

Ultimately, we can only speculate about what the metaverse will look like when it’s fully realized. But we can be sure that there will be many different approaches to how we design for this new medium. And as designers, it’s our job to understand these different approaches and pick the one that best fits our own style and goals.

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